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The Becoming Parents Project was developed by Kathryn Adorney, Ph.D., and Neil Rindlaub, LMSW, to help new parents build a healthy partnership, which will provide a secure base for their family.

The arrival of a child, whether by birth or by adoption, is a turning point in your lives. You are embarking on an adventure that will hold countless joys… and many stresses.

As you anticipate your new roles as parents, you may be asking…

  • How will we balance work and family?
  • Who will do what?
  • Will you be there for me?
  • How will we keep the romance alive?
  • What if we disagree about how to parent our child?

Communication, connection and trust
are essential for your relationship
as partners and as parents.

You and your partner are the foundation of your family. When you feel secure in your relationship — when you understand what each of you needs as you provide for the needs of your child — you will create a solid foundation for your family.



Relationship Enhancement: Hold Me Tight Workshops

Studies have shown that the quality of the parents’ relationship has a causal connection with the cognitive and social competence of their children. The Becoming Parents Project offers Hold Me Tight Workshops to new and expecting parents. Susan Johnson, PhD, the lead formulator of Emotionally Focused Therapy — which research has shown to be the most effective couples therapy to date — designed Hold Me Tight workshops as a means of educating couples in how to repair, enhance, and nurture continual growth in their love relationship. It helps couples recognize the universal patterns of relationship distress, better understand the deep human need for emotional connection that underlies relationship distress, and foster the kind of empathic communication that rebuilds emotional connection.

The Hold Me Tight workshop will help you:

  • nbnp-group424Communicate at a deeper level
  • Create lasting trust and intimacy
  • Make sense of your partner’s emotions and your own
  • Learn about your needs as a couple


Kathryn and Neil have modified the Hold Me Tight workshops to include information on how to

  • Create a healthy bond with your infant
  • Understand the language of your infant
  • Provide a loving, secure base for your child’s development

Bringing Baby Home Workshops

Kathryn and Neil offer workshops for expectant and new parents based on the 12 hour “Bringing Baby Home” workshop developed by family relationship researchers Drs. John and Julie Gottman of  The University of Washington. We will teach you how to anticipate and meet the many relationship challenges that come along with your new baby.

Support Groups for Parents

We know from research that support groups for couples who are becoming parents can greatly decrease couple distress and facilitate healthy parenting. We hope to help couples form support groups. Those groups could meet with us or not. We were part of a group of young parents when our children were young and it was a great source of fun and support.


Kathryn and Neil are experienced EFT therapists. We can provide counseling to individual couples who request that support.

We hope that the Becoming Parents Project will help you share the joys and challenges of parenthood. Kathryn and Neil will be available as professionals to help support you as individual couples and/or as groups.


Kathryn Adorney, PhD & Neil Rindlaub, LMSW      845-256-9809