Strengthening Relationships for a Healthy Family


Is the relationship that you hoped would be a source of joy and comfort, now a source of conflict and pain?

  • Do you have the same fight over and over?
  • Do you feel alone and misunderstood?


How can I Tell if my marriage is in trouble, and what I can do to prevent breakup?
Video courtesy of Dr. Sue Johnson

How things go wrong:

When couples argue about such issues as jealousy, sex, money or who is doing more there is an understandable pattern to the fight. Often one partner is feeling that the other is not responding, doesn’t care and/or is critical. Since this flies in the face of our need for our partner to be responsive, caring and understanding, the hurt partner protests. But commonly, that protest, “You should be paying attention to me!” or “You never think about me!” is said in a critical manner. This then creates defensiveness in the other and an argument begins. The longing for a loving response gets lost in the arguing pattern. Over time the arguments erode the partners’ feelings of safety and trust with one another, and the loving bond is threatened.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) has been shown to improve 90% of couples’ relationships. In fact, 75% of couples report regaining their feelings of love and deep connection with their partner. We are trained EFT therapists and use EFT to deepen our own relationship.

You can communicate on a deeper level, help one another when you are in distress, and have more fun together.

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