Strengthening Relationships for a Healthy Family

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an effective method of relationship counseling. It is based on well-tested theory and decades of research and clinical practice. It helps partners rekindle their loving feelings and feel connected, safe, and secure with each other.

couple.eftEFT was developed by Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg and is based on John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory (insert link) and research. Bowlby found that humans and higher primates have an innate need to feel attached or connected to significant others. We can see this readily with infants and children. We know that children need loving attention and empathic responses from their parents and others caregivers. When these needs are met the child develops a secure bond with the caregiver. Dr. Johnson realized that the bonds of love between adult partners are the same. We need our loved ones to understand us, enjoy us, respect us and respond to us in a loving and caring manner. That is the bond of love.

How EFT can help

EFT therapists understand the patterns of disappointment and anger that damage the loving bond. We will help you slow down your communication and the angry reactions that create the fight. We can then help you and your partner get to what’s really going on so that you can feel you’re allies instead of adversaries.

Start creating your loving bond today

On average American couples wait 6 years from the time they start having problems until they seek therapy. During that time, many hurts and frustrations can build up, creating more wounds to heal and more work to get things back on track. If you start working with your partner now, before problems build up, you will enjoy years of loving connection.

What is a healthy marriage?
Video courtesy of Dr. Sue Johnson

Our BECOMING PARENTS PROJECT – An ounce of prevention

Studies show that a new baby in the family brings countless joys…and is stressful on the partners’ relationships. 12.5 percent of couples are divorced by the time their first child is 18 months old. When couples get support for their relationship during this vulnerable time there is a dramatic decrease in the divorce rate. This is good for parents and, of course, for their children.

It’s never too late!

EFT has helped couples at all stages of distress. It offers a well-researched road map for creating a loving, happy, strong relationship.


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