Strengthening Relationships for a Healthy Family


Counseling FamiliesFamilies are the foundation of our emotional lives.
They can be our most powerful source of pain or our greatest source of joy.

Our goal is to help your family understand the negative patterns that cause distress so that you can undo those patterns and connect with one another in a loving manner.

What goes wrong?

When we are in distress and need something from the people we count on the most, we will cry, yell, cause trouble, or become visibly anxious. And if we feel hopeless in getting the response we need, or if we are afraid of making trouble, we may shut down and withdraw. When the feelings underlying these behaviors are not understood they cause widespread distress in a family. Then we can’t be there for one another in the way we wish we could.

We will help you understand what is happening in your family. We will help you communicate your real fears and longings and help you hear the fears and longings of your loved ones. From there you can create lasting, healthy partnerships within your family.

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